Blackmore Sheets

Here you can find some interesting technical details about Blackmore´s gear and the techniques BSM uses to recreate this special sound. To view this PDF documents you must have Adobe Reader installed on your local machine. If you don´t have it already installed please click here for a free download.

 Blackmore´s guitar electronics around 1978  (29kB - English/German)

Interesting details about Ritchie´s Strat pickups and the MTC mid-filter box

 Blackmore´s AIWA tape machine  (90kB - English/German)

Full history of Blackmore´s AIWA tape machine and how he used it over the years

 The AIWA/RPA line  (17kB - English/German)

Detailed description of the BSM pedals, belonging to the AIWA and RPA line, as well as the Spice Box, a faithful recreation of the MTC.

 Blackmore´s guitars over the years

Full history of Ritchie´s guitars and amps

 Marshall Major mods